I’ve had / am having the privilege of (co)supervising the following students:


  • Ali Al-Kaswan (2022, Co-supervisor), Technical University of Delft.


  • Ali Al-Kaswan (2021, Co-supervisor), worked on binary code summarization using Transformers. Now PhD candidate at the Technical University of Delft.
  • Mahtab Nejati (2019-2021, SUT), worked on recommender systems using semantically-enhanced knowledge graphs for software development. Now PhD candidate at University of Waterloo, Canada.
  • Pooya Rostami Mazrae (2019-2021, SUT), worked on improving traceability among software artifacts using ensemble methods. Now PhD candidate at University of Mons, Belgium.
  • Kiana Akbari (2018-2020, SUT), worked on issue report prioritization.


  • 2022: A 5-member team working on automatic code completion using large language models, Technical University of Delft.
  • 2022: A 4-member team working on recommender systems for software artifacts leveraging the SED topics, Technical University of Delft.
  • 2018: A 7-member team working on data science for software engineering, Sharif University of Technology